Gary Carr - Poet

Spoken Worlds
Since November 2009 Spoken Worlds has been more than a hobby to me. It is, people tell me, a unique spoken word open mic which shouldn't work, but does.
The trick is, you turn up, put your name on a whiteboard divided into three "halves" at the position where you want to read - up to once per "half" - then sit back and wait for me to introduce you.
We have readers from across the Midlands and sometimes further afield, but usually NO GUEST ARTIST. (I'm occasionally happy to waive that rule, and we have an honesty box - the guest is paid what people are happy to give. We're usually quite a generous crowd).
Our home, since the start of 2016, has been the Trinity Lounge in George Street, Burton, which boasts the best acoustics around, bar none. It also boasts the best homemade cakes at the cafe, great sandwiches and (new feature sincce Attila the Stockbroker came) bottled real ales.
It will cost you £2 to join us for an evening.
"The best acoustics of any venue I've ever performed in" Attila the Stockbroker, October 2016