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off-centre submissions
We are now open for submissions to Issue 2 of off-centre magazine for creative thought in the Midlands. The submissions window closes at midnight on Sunday 28th November 2021.

Our seed for the issue is Grain/Grainy/Granular, whether this is in subject, style or material is your choice. We welcome broad interpretations within your chosen form.

Our submission criteria

Written Submissions up to 4 poems of 30 lines or less
(doc, docx, pdf) up to 2 poems of 31 to 60 lines
up to 4 flash fiction/prose poetry entries of 300 words or less
up to 2 short prose fiction pieces of 1000 words or less

Visual art/photography/ up to 4 Scans or digital picture files
digital artwork
(jpg, png, GIF, TIFF)

The magazine is an A5 portrait format physical publication. Landscape format files may be rotated on the page for best fit. A sample of pages from issue 1 can be found online at issuu, a copy of the magazine is available from my sales site

We are happy to accept words and artwork in hybrid forms. We are also happy to accept submissions covering more than one category, in the case of written work 2 short and one long piece can be mixed, too. If you aren't sure, email your question to us using Query as the subject.

Submission Guidelines.

We have tried to keep them simple and clear to minimise your workload, please show us the same respect by following them.

1. Submissions for the Granular Issue of off-centre must be received by midnight on 28th November 2021.
Submitters or submission should have some connection to the Midlands, but there will be no inquisition about this.

2. All submissions must follow the criteria laid out above and these guidelines. Submissions not following them may not be forwarded to the editorial team.

3. Each entry in a submission must be on a separate attachment (e.g. angels.docx, millennium.docx, rockDJ.docx). A single e-mail with multiple attachments must be used for all written submissions, we recognise that due to their size picture-based artwork attachments may have to be spread over multiple e-mails.

4. Submissions to be emailed to , subject line must contain the word Submission

5. Each entry in a submission must have a name or title, it must be entirely the work of the submitter(s). Quotes, lyrics, intertextuality, work "after" etc must acknowledge the original author or artist. Plagiarism is never acceptable. Work that has been published in any form, including public parts of the internet and public social media forums should not be submitted.

6. All written submissions will be evaluated anonymously. There should be no identifying marks on any written submission. The e-mail accompanying every submission should give submitter name, contact e-mail, up to 75-word third person biography and a list of pieces submitted. Where possible visual art submissions should also be anonymous.

7. Submissions may not be changed or replaced once they are received by us.
No simultaneous submissions, please

8. The decision of our selection team is final. There will be no correspondence about rejected work. Our email is monitored by an administrator, not the team who select. Senders of unpleasant or abusive mail will be added to a permanent spam list, an exclusion list and in extreme cases may be reported.