Gary Carr - Poet
So, here I am, big, bold and bespectacled, looking wistfully into what I am clearly hoping is the future.
It isn't all about poetry. A poet with no other interests would lack subject matter. You might get some of my other Anorak-y stuff as well.


pick-up the undercurrents,
flirt with fronds of conversation;
kept safe by your immaculate schooling.

stand at the edge,
in shallow talk and tidal silences;
crabby, needing a drink

out of water

The short version CV looks something like this:

Gary Carr started to take writing seriously in 1999.
His work has been published in literary magazines and anthologies in the UK and USA.

In 2018 he gained a distinction in every module of a full time MA at Keele University.
He trained as a writing mentor in the same year, though he has been mentoring through Runaway Writers' group since 2004.

Gary also runs Spoken Worlds open mic, which he founded in 2009, making it one of the Midlands' longest continuously running poetry events, and the most successful pure open mic he is aware of in England.